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In today’s world whether you are a community group, small not for profit organisation, government agency or corporate business you face continual change and challenges which requires innovation, flexibility, thoughtful risk-taking, relationship building, communication, working with diversity, cultural sensitivity, strategic thinking and inspirational visioning.

Information and specific skills training is not enough to thrive in today’s environment. People need holistic learning experiences to create organisations that integrate personal, professional and organisational values and needs.

Create Change facilitates organisational development that is grounded in practice using advanced group facilitation skills and experiential methods and provides workshops, individualised programs and coaching using creative experiential methods which foster:

  • Engaged workers
  • Strong teams
  • Clarity of vision and purpose
  • Sense of fun and playfulness
  • Energised and healthy environment
  • Creativity
  • Exploration of new ideas
  • Collaboration
  • Relationship building
  • Respect for difference

Create Change utilises a range of creative arts methods to:

1. Organisational Workshops

We spend most of our waking hours at our workplace. The modern workplace is therefore one of the most important vehicles to bring about a healthy sustainable world in which individuals and communities thrive.

Create Change creates a space for creativity, innovation and connection that provides the opportunity for new meaning and knowledge to arise thus enabling the development of new perspectives and solutions. Create Change uses experiential interactive arts based methods to provide a fun stimulating and productive experience. We can provide a range of workshops ranging from half day, to several days as well as specially designed workshops that meet your individual requirements. Create Change uses a range of methods and techniques including:

  • movement
  • sculpture
  • painting
  • collage
  • Improvisation
  • story telling
  • psycho drama
  • voice

Some current workshops are:

Creating Productive Teams

This practical interactive experiential workshop will develop skills in creative ways of building and managing professional productive innovative teams. The workshop will provide experience in creative arts methods using content from your workplace in a supportive environment. On completion of this workshop participants will be able to:

  • Understand the rationale and theoretical underpinning of utilising creative arts methods in working in and managing teams.
  • Utilise a range of creative art methods in building creative, energised and productive teams.
  • Develop a greater understanding of how to identify and build on their team’s individual and combined strengths.
  • Draw on a tool kit of activities to:
    • understand and manage change and conflict in the team,
    • establish strategic direction for the team, and
    • manage team performance.

Managing Organisational Change

Change is a constant in today’s world. Many organisational change processes focus on changing the organisational structure, administrative systems, policies and procedures. This is only one aspect of an organisation. Organisations are a network of human relationships bound together by history, culture, myths, stories etc. This workshop provides a framework to understand the change process and to explore what is happening below the water line at the cultural level. Using creative arts provides the opportunity for individuals to explore their own approach to change and to generate understanding and meaning and turn resistance into acceptance.

Turning Vision into Action

This workshop utilises creative art methods to engage all participants, including the often quieter voices, to develop a vision for the team or organisation. By tapping into people’s creativity often new and different ideas take shape which can then be developed into themes and actions. This is an action based workshop with an emphasis on achieving clarity and consensus around where you are heading and how you can utilise the often hidden resources within the team/organisation to get there.

2. Therapeutic Intervention Using Creative Arts Methods

3. Art Therapy Groups

4. Facilitation/Community Engagement

5. Clinical Supervision

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